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Dragon Effect: Racing Time
I am racing the turquoise sky, my body penetrating the soft clouds that brush my scales. Below me is insignificant at this height. I am exploring a new world that only manifested itself in my dreams. I have finally mastered flight. It has taken an abundance of effort. For the first ninety-nine years of my existence, my wings were incapable and too small to lift my bulk.
Watching Ketsuen take to the air, and myself remaining on the ground, made me impatient, I attempted. But as Ketsuen Izumi Yue, my life giver had stated several times, I would not be able to do so until the one hundredth year. I was furious. I rampaged the terrain and paced my wings, over and over. I could still not take lift.
Ketsuen told me, in the confines of our flat terrestrial home located on the highest peak of the mountains, named the Eastern landshundredth year of life, I must leave to the pedagogy quarter. This is where numerous Xinyon such as myself will seek wisdom from an older, ancient Dragon. His name is
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A Paradoxical World
A paradoxical world, invested in its connections. This is what is thought of today when a women of queerness revels upon the people and things which surround her. How this queer women wonders what bindings are placed upon a person who meets another, even for a fraction of the second in which they brush paths.
For example:
One-person walks a dog, the dog stops, whips its head to every wooden telephone pole it crosses in order to rasp in the pine scent. The struggling arm heaves the leash of the smug faced canine, but it does not relent and there, at one pole escapes bile from the animals hind, which is left on the grassy surface. Later, at the end of the block, black boots, with a small heel, that is softly polished touches the cement with a sound of horse until it encounters the excrement, which has fallen slightly away from the said dead tree. No longer just horse-sounds but a sound of squeamish yuck, and pudding mess. The act of scuffing one boot on said grass removes most of the bil
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Eureka Wayned
As everything was said before their time, I sought the foundations of running water that seemed to seep away at the briefest moment that I could not comprehend - all that I could understand was the darkness which swept away a piece of my own being.
I realized my practiced destiny is full of imperishable deities that lost faith in the suspended darkness of the fallen gates.
I was the one that said all there was is the pretense of being.
So I asked, how many days did I see, how many worlds did I feel, and how many lovers I steal?
What did I say? How far did I go?
All that I could be was a fallen angel of darkness.
Nothing could stop me, nothing could bear me, nothing could fill me with the allure I wished to seek, the allure I wanted to believe in.
Until the time Eureka fell upon me and the cosmos landed in the dusk of weathered grass, and what fell, and what cracked, and what thundered with the voices seeping by was none other then the beast of darkness.
However, that all turned away fr
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Marred Lies
Going through my book of lies,
I go through many and don't pry.
I fall behind the yellow line and fish below the grey ground, wondering when infinity put me here, telling me its own story page after page.
As I look back on each and every line my heart turns, a future left to wrong;
The flounders' field and their bodies with red blood flowers risk the dusk to present us with moonlit darkness.
The white flags are now raised, their pertaining lies folding briskly in the wind as someone peers too closely.
Distraction marred by throwing fools gold in an opposing direction; one by one their feet will befall the red blood flowers.
Cold clicked teeth resound in the fields, tombstones turned overseas and more gold is unearthed.
Feasting their eyes on the treasures of now: the immortal memory of remains.
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Has your heart tolled that priest, for his recognizable delusions of fractal malnutrition?
Yes, the pigmented edges glistened with ethanol.
What happened when he cradled his own sinking flask?
Well, the dusk set before him. Amber skies blinked shut their moonlit eyes.
Gowns of light, and cherries lying, did he look with his mind?
No, His cognitive being was distraught, and the feathers crimped his morning wings.
Trapped and keeled, the scale shows more then one thing he could have seen, should he have walked?
If he moved forward, the land itself would have synced. So He stopped his being. His own flask tilted the seas, so that the land would still be.
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Peace Inside
She is walking on the cracked pavement. The feeling of the air is soft on her skin; it is peaceful amongst all the silver lights that wistfully float against the blue sky in full daylight. The tree leaves hang low and their yellow veins shine apart from the emerald green fibers as the sun pierces through them, inviting hands to brush them gently. A seedling of a poplar or dandelion dances in the air right in front of her and she lifts her hands around the seed so that there is a circle of flesh encasing it without touching. The seedling floats there as she stands. The pedestrians walk by her without glancing, and the cars drive by in their normal rustic rumble on ash vault with sandstone crushing against their tires.
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Can you fall toward me?
Turn the angle of the lights to be more brilliant?
Fall upon the fictional perspective of me?
By selling all the stars one by one?
Letting your name feel free to see the
comical designations of being,
allowing the free to become the means
and the condemned to be the percussionists.
The cradle rocks both ways so that the ocean
doesn't see, it just feels the need to be.
Don't just destroy this baptized present,
let it's risk fall upon the shoulders of all.
Capture that attention you crave to see,
and change their philosophy for the better of being.
Don't ask, is this the way?
Can reality verge upon this direction?
Listen to your being, your consciousness will tell you the way, there is a connection "to all" in there somewhere.
This key isn't lost, it's just unseen by the webbing formed in your mind, by societal junk to keep you weak and hidden away.
If you know yourself, you know the world, if you know the world, you can find the way. Not our way, or their way, bu
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The footnotes of a beginning,
under the risk of a truthful rise,
superintends the falling skies.
Minstrel's crack whispers,
a different future is spoken,
whales sing their flames of water,
infuriated amongst their daughters.
Raging a plausible dispute,
minor factions' decree prosperity
while contemplating "their" demise.
Until they cease the fumes turning to fog
and continue to entrance this present
they are not a conscious being.
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It's a struggle to be
(Run away)
It's a struggle to see
(Turn away)
Let the darkness feed your prey
(With a solemn beating)
Tender kindness taken away
(Not for you)
Turning feelings into feedings
(Smothering sexual desire)
Hurting more
(Solemn beating)
Caressing less
(Left alone)
Crossing closely to mania
(Leaving the empty part)
Reminiscing of the past
(There's so much inconsistency)
(It's a struggle to be)
Regret is unprovoked
(It's a struggle to see)
Kindness looking away
Quickly looking to the sky
(You're hanging softly now)
Fumbling for the clouds
(You're back into your mind)
Now open your eyes
By Crysta Perak
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Ancient Bass
Let my word feel
its ancient bass
For All that I believed
was the never ending
I would like to know
I saw what was seen and when that left
Everything about it was so
and it quickly disappeared
so quickly
so quickly
But my life came to be
after his disheveled smile
looked at me
I began to see
and the world
that stood before
And what did
want to know?
That angels lasted.
That words parted worlds
Just for me. Just by me.
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However Awry
A rather unenthusiastic disaster,
Blasting through a morbid feeling
Intervening at a most unnecessary cue
Cupped and folded; landing forward
Making an unrealistic view shine through
Invasions pleas rest upon your thoughts
Stamps falling off their letters with
No more destination to be returned
All the dust breathlessly mingled
Stationed forward to walk ahead
Highway nine not leading the way
As to let our heart free with emorion
The sins falling into their own place,
But what place does the doe walk?
They last the winter in the brisk white
Making their tracks for sins to follow
The snow shows even when it is a day old.
However pleading while they run awry they are
Never stopping to rest and lay in the folded grass.
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You own and Play
Lasting impressions and fallen connections
inter pressed and frivolously mingled,
dainty plaster, molded perception
unattended brisk fullness
Calling their own thoughts,
a pulpous moment demanded
but shrunken dykes a town away
made you own and play this way,
but the game wasn't amended
Torture spread around evenly
Crafting its perception,
leading its own feeling,
demanding their own attention
Faltering away from the words,
playing in the intimate fields,
and watching red maples sinking.
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Ethereal Rebirth
Evening puts on its gown as though its shimmering stars and fallen moans grace the universal poles.
Condescending glances and rapture creates many in fracture, thus leaping and for-longing its only desire.
Finally reminiscing winds touch silently as the shy lust of fruitful waters end a sinking smile which readies to lift into its own sunrise.
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Lift Me
Lift me away from the darkness that enraptures me.
Feel the cascading crystals befall me,
and let them break free,
serving its unending plea.
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Heightless air and fallen delirium.
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Wrong Words
White noise floats
reflecting a mountain image
allowance deliberating further away
letting rightfulness intertwine and blasphemy mingle.
Gathering its rise,
it evaporates unconditionally.
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Once my education is complete I will go on to tell the world of the environment and the creatures that surrounds us through Documentary Filmmaking. I would like to find a way where this includes the widest audience, not just those who view Animal Planet, and other documentary programs; I’d like to capture the world’s attention to the point they will not want to change the channel, even when their favorite T.V show is about to premier.


The Tea After Party by BlackMageAlodia The Tea After Party :iconblackmagealodia:BlackMageAlodia 5,927 391 natural angrybird Glassbreaker by King-Co natural angrybird Glassbreaker :iconking-co:King-Co 1,553 182 Natural angrybird egg bomber by King-Co Natural angrybird egg bomber :iconking-co:King-Co 919 57 Natural angry bird baloon bird by King-Co Natural angry bird baloon bird :iconking-co:King-Co 944 75 Natural angrybird by King-Co Natural angrybird :iconking-co:King-Co 9,274 3,377 Corgi Dragon Final by goosezilla Corgi Dragon Final :icongoosezilla:goosezilla 1,720 99 bembex sandwasp by Kruggar bembex sandwasp :iconkruggar:Kruggar 4 2 Black Quinn. by Patrick-Hennings Black Quinn. :iconpatrick-hennings:Patrick-Hennings 558 95 the other side by gocealice the other side :icongocealice:gocealice 1,225 200 002 by TomasRucker
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Facing east by AaronLi-Hill Facing east :iconaaronli-hill:AaronLi-Hill 1 0 Night painting: barcelona by AaronLi-Hill
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Night painting: amsterdam 4 by AaronLi-Hill
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Night painting: amsterdam 4 :iconaaronli-hill:AaronLi-Hill 2 0
set by epione set :iconepione:epione 1,985 414
Browse these lovely photos after you've looked through my pile :)

If you look below, you can meet my lovely watchers :) Thank you so much guys for the support!



Web cam picture, smile!

Current Residence: College of the north atlantic
Favourite genre of music: country/rock/metal/slow/midevil depending on the song if i like it or not
Favourite photographer: Hm...people who take nice pictures..
Favourite style of art: I love it all
Operating System: vista sucks...
MP3 player of choice: i don't want one
Shell of choice: sea shells on a sea shoar..
Wallpaper of choice: dragons, fire, snakes, haha
Skin of choice: blak, red,green
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs bunny!! and Tamaki..wooohoo
Personal Quote: ping
  • Listening to: none
  • Reading: Eldest
  • Watching: The computer
  • Playing: The keyboard
  • Eating: just digesting
  • Drinking: my spit
Hey everyone?

How are you?

It's been awhile, but not really since i've been updating every so often.

I don't have a camera at the moment, so I can't really express myself artistically that way, so im typing/writing away more then usual these past few months.

Thanks for following my stuff and I hope you enjoy!! :))



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